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What we all want…The Elusive Client Referral

By April 22, 2013October 10th, 2019business, Marketing

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If you’re anything like us here at BCP Digital Marketing, you are, or should be always looking for ways to get more client referrals. However according to, some 58.6% of us don’t even make an effort to ask for them! Good client referrals aren’t something that happens automatically.  There is no magic wand waving.  Instead you need a clear, focused strategy and use it consistently. To help you get the idea look at this list of easy methods for getting more client referrals.  I bet you get your next referral faster and easier than you might have thought possible!

  1. Ask your best customers – These can be your best business evangelists. People who are already crazy about what you do won’t need much coaxing to sing your praises.
  2. Offer incentives – Discounts, free things, upgrades or any other rewards appropriate for your business are a good way to get people to give client referrals.
  3. Over-deliver on first-time customers – When you get a new customer, a terrific way to get them talking to their circle of contacts is to over-deliver on them. This can come in a number of ways, but make sure they view your business as a cut above the rest.
  4. Actively engage your customers – Getting your customers talking and interacting with you, and ultimately their social circles, can open many doors. Find common ground, and possibly create an online community for your customers, for instance a blog or Facebook group.
  5. Be courteous and a giver – Make saying “Thank You” a part of your daily vocabulary, and be generous when it comes to handing out perks. Giving an unexpected gift card or thank you note to a client can be very beneficial.
  6. Enlist your staff – Getting your employees in the game can multiply your efforts. You will usually need to develop some way to reward results, nevertheless it can be very much worth it!
  7. Create a customer loyalty program – A customer loyalty program, best if implemented online, is definitely an wonderful tool to help you create excitement and involvement.

I know that following these steps can take some effort, but can also result in a lot of new business ready and willing to giving you an opportunity. What more can you ask?

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For over a decade I have been working in the fast-paced field of digital marketing and web design I started out in this world as a software programmer but saw a real need for quality online marketing and website design. After years of hard work, I am proud to say I have assembled an awesome team of other honest, hard-working marketing professionals. Businesses come to BCP Digital Marketing because they want to work with the best and with someone who they know will look out for them. Whether it's by word-of-mouth referrals, client testimonials or by reading our client success stories, they know we provide digital marketing solutions that truly help businesses. We work mostly with small and medium sized businesses who need a superhero to help get them the customers they deserve and also to help turn trainwreck projects around.

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