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Great copy sells.

Let us do the hard work for you, and compel your website visitors to take action today!

Marketers who blog generate 67% more leads than those that do not.

Persuasive, entertaining blog writing is a skill that requires a Google-savvy writer and a steady flow of regular writing. Written with your web content keywords in mind and posted on your website, blogs are one of the best ways to rank and maintain high rankings on Google. But blog writing is a time-taking skill that requires writing expertise and SEO knowledge. The most effective blogs will have eye-catching headlines, answer questions, address problems, and include creative content writing.
Unless you’re an expert, it just won’t work.
You need to consider keywords, search engines, title tags, meta descriptions, short paragraphs, skimmable copy, compelling messaging, calls to action, benefit-driven statements, internal linking and boy… I’m tired just thinking about it..
Let the experts handle your blog so you can free up your time for more important tasks, like running your business. Our writing team will do more than just pen your blog: we’ll do all the management, too, like finding an original stock photo from our premium subscription, optimizing your post in the WordPress back end, and scheduling finished posts. We’ll write an SEO optimized blog within a word count that matches what we’re writing about.
So do yourself a favor and just leave it to a pro with one of our awesome Blogging packages.  All at $200 off!
What you get:
  • Keyword research – to ensure your site is Google-friendly so you get found by potential customers.
  • Content Strategy –  audience research, determining the best form of content, creating a pattern of frequency, tailoring the style to your audience, and focusing on keywords your audience searches for online.
  • Choose from 3 packages – ranging from 500 words per post up to 2500 words per blog post.
  • All the right signals for Google  – without getting technical, there’s Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, H1, H2 headings etc which are all technical things you need done right.
  • 1 stock image per post– chosen from our huge stock photo library
  • Blog posts uploaded to your website  -this little bonus is for WordPress users and BCP Digital Marketing clients.
  • Blog posts uploaded to social media – this extra, extra bonus is for WordPress users only – uploading to 2 social media accounts.

3 Packages To Choose From:

Silver package – Get 2 blog posts per week. Each post will have 500 – 700 words – $650/month (8 posts / month)

Gold package – Get 1 blog post per week, but a more in-depth post containing 800 – 1500 words – $750/month (4 long posts / month)

Platinum package – Get 2 in-depth blog posts per month.  Each post will be in-depth, long form and highly detailed with 1500-2500 words. – $950/month (2 huge posts /month)

There are just 3 spots available today so jump on it now!


Save $200 on all packages!


Bronze – $650/mo (regularly $850/mo.)
Gold – $750/mo (regularly $950/mo.)
Platinum – $950/mo (regularly $1150/mo.)

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