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Attention:  Small business owners who want to be SEEN!

Want to finally generate quality traffic, leads, & increase ROI ?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is your answer!

It’s not just one thing that makes a PPC marketing campaign successful. It’s a bunch of tiny little tactics all working together to bring you the very best results.

It’s kind of insane how many “tweaks” you can make to your campaigns to improve the results.

Things like… Campaigns, Ad groups, Ad Headlines, Add Text, Ad Extensions, Ad URL, Display URL Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Keywords, Negative Keywords, Call Only Ads, Landing pages, Budget Optimization Call Tracking, Retargeting, Ad Positioning and the list goes on and on and on and on…


Are you optimizing all of those different things listed to make sure you’re getting the highest ROI possible?

If you’re not in the marketing business, then you’ll probably answer OF COURSE NOT! I HAD NO IDEA!   You don’t want to be an expert — you just want results!
Let’s help you work at your business so you can spend less time in it!

PPC Management Process

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With an Managed PPC Campaign designed specifically to your target audience, you’ll get:

  • New key phrase discovery for use further in PPC and your Organic SEO
  • Your account will be managed by a Google Adwords Professional
  • A range of small, very targeted campaigns for a tight budget or a full PPC campaign with thousands of key phrases
  • Analytics linked correctly for accurate goal and conversion tracking
  • >Monthly reporting on performance of key phrases and ad groups etc.
  • Intensive analysis of past campaign success / failures We analyze past campaigns to determine what is currently working and what is not.
  • Google Analytics analysis  We examine Google Analytics data to determine how well your PPC campaign is performing.
  • Cross-testing We test out different ads to see which ads are more effective at converting customers.
  • Competitive analysis. We examine your PPC competitors and what keyword terms they are buying.
  • Negative keyword analysis We find out which keyword terms you do not want to purchase.
  • Content placement research and testing We research which Google networks are the best for conversions out of content partners (other websites that display Google ads in exchange for commissions), search partners (other major search engines that Google works with) and Google Search.
  • Time of day / day of week analysis We determine the best time(s) of day and day(s) of the week for conversions.
  • Full keyword research We evaluate the advertising potential of each possible keyword for your business.
  • Website change recommendations We might suggest changes to your website design to help increase conversions.
  • Monitoring and tweaking of campaignWe monitor the success of your campaign and recommend changes as needed.
  • Weekly and monthly reports sent from Google

Just $500/mo or 15% of Ad Spend (whichever is higher)

** one time initial $600 setup fee

DEAL:  $200 off your first month

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