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[Infographic] Targeted Marketing Roadmap For The Manufacturing Industry

Think about what would happen if you could engage those tradeshow leads in their preferred channels (places they’re already surfing to and looking at ), and reach out with content or messages
that are relevant to the information they’re looking for when researching about your solution.

That’s the power of targeted marketing.

Whether your business is in manufacturing, industrial or something else, targeted marketing is the right tool for the new B2B buying landscape. Over the years, both the buyers and the process itself have evolved. Buyers go through the purchase cycle in their own terms now. They’re now better informed, influenced by peers, and are (even if it’s sometimes subconsciously) really into personalization.

We know that targeted marketing in industrial and manufacturing businesses is what you’re aiming for.

We know it works. You know it works. But maybe you don’t know exactly what’s involved.

So here is a colorful infographic outlining 8 parts of what you should be striving for with your digital marketing initiatives.

manufacturing marketing roadmap

Need help with your marketing?

Industrial and manufacturing marketing plans can be touchy since your business needs are unique. You have your business to run and trying to find the time to do your marketing as well can be cumbersome. Why not let us help?

We can help you grow your manufacturing business and create an industrial strength marketing plan just for you. Let us create you a completely customized quote to get you where you want to be.

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Take your marketing to the next level

BCP Digital Marketing is home to amazing marketers that can create a marketing plan as unique as your business.

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Gina is the Founder and CEO of BCP Digital Marketing. She has partnered with dozens businesses over the years and assisted in building world-class brands, stellar reputations, and online lead generation systems. She created BCP Digital Marketing to be the go-to solution for creating you a digital strategy that will get you more online visitors, reel them in, and convert clickers to customers.

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