How to Convert Your Prospects into Customers or Clients

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jacksonville web content ideasIt is often common to hear website owners complain that their websites are getting traffic, but hardly converting that traffic into customers or clients. If you’re in this situation, it’s possible that you’re doing some things wrong. However, before we go on to show you how to convert those prospects into clients and customers, you need to know why they aren’t converting in the first place. Knowledge of this is more likely to help you figure things out. So, what are the reasons for your website’s poor conversion?

  • Crowded Homepage –too many elements on the home page distracts your visitors
  • Poorly targeted ads
  • Bland, generic content –why would I want to give you my contacts or even buy from you if you can’t inform me properly?
  • Poor design –have you seen websites these days? If yours isn’t half as good, people won’t trust you, period.
  • Too Many Buzzwords –honestly, if your audience doesn’t understand half the stuff you’re saying, they’ll leave.
  • No Personality –You know how you don’t like people with no personality? Well, it’s the same here.
  • Too much selling- you know how you can’t tell someone you just met that you’re in love with them –unless you’re Ted in HIMYM- or even propose marriage the first day you meet someone, that’s kind the same thing here.
  • Difficult navigation –if I can’t find what I need on your website in less than 10 seconds, I’ll go someplace else.

Now that you know what you’re possibly doing wrong, what can you do to right these wrongs?

Your Website Must be Easily Navigable

There’s a rule in the online marketing community: all visitors must find what they need on your website in five clicks or less. Doubt it? Take a look at Amazon, CNN, Ebay, Zappos, Google and other highly popular websites. You’ll find that these websites all have one thing in common: the ability to deliver specific information in five clicks or less. So, structure your website so that it is easily navigable.

No Clutter

Do you know why we all love using Google? It’s because there’s no clutter on their homepage. Again, take a cue from all successful websites. You must create a home page that funnels your traffic to the most relevant inner pages, create landing pages that addresses and is relevant to the keyword they did a search for or provide answers to questions they have. It’s that simple. A very user-friendly website is a high converting website.

Upgrade Your Content

I’m sorry, but bland and unimaginative content doesn’t cut it anymore. Your content must be outstanding, top notch, unique and above board. Unsatisfactory, generic and poor quality content will destroy your brand faster than anything. You should be like the authority in your niche.

Create stellar documents, kickass free reports, informative white papers, attractive infographics, epic articles and blog posts, entertaining videos and interesting podcasts that are truly spectacular and your conversion rates will soar through the roof.

Minimize the Buzzwords

As you can see, this article is actually targeted at conversion rate optimization for Jacksonville businesses –I’m pretty certain you probably have no idea what that is. But you’ll find that I’ve hardly used that term here. Why? Because if it doesn’t make sense to you, then I’m not communicating.

As you can see, I’ve kept it simple and have tried to minimize the use of buzzwords whilst still explaining in clear terms what you need to do to convert your traffic. Am I doing well so far ;)? So, limit the use of buzzwords. Instead strive to educate and inspire action in your audience.

Always Call to Action

Here’s the thing: if you don’t ask, you won’t get. It’s that simple. After entertaining, educating, informing and engaging your audience with killer content and actionable steps that they can use, it’s time to ask for the “sale”. Always put a call to action. Use low restrain incentives like free reports, access to a free newsletter, a low priced product and free trial services. These work like gangbusters.

Do all these and you’ll be awestruck at the rate at which your traffic will convert. Good luck.

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