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Marketing Designed to Grow Your Practice




Are You Struggling with Your

Dental Practice’s Marketing?

You’re not alone.

  “I’m embarrassed by our website.”

  “My website leads aren’t converting into patients”

  “Our website is not getting enough traffic”

  “My word-of-mouth referrals aren’t enough.”

  “I’m so tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.”

  “I struggle to explain my services”

One expert team for all your dental marketing needs.

We get it. You want to run your practice and not worry about all the little things that go into your marketing. With decades of experience and proven strategies that embrace all your marketing needs, our experts take care of the details so you can take care of business – and we guarantee you’ll see an increase in new patients.

Get real results
Simply put…Our approach to marketing works because we strive towards YOUR business goals.  No fluff, total transparency and focus on what it takes to get you provable results.
Affordable options
From medical group practices to dentists’ offices in competitive areas, we offer healthcare marketing service options to work with your budget. Our packages are designed to get results.
Done-for-you Solutions
With almost 20 years helping dental, medical practices and other business grow, we know what works and what’s just a waste of money. Our system will take care of all the hard stuff.  All you have to do is watch your practice grow!

How Much Is Your Current Marketing Costing You?

How much is your current marketing or lack of marketing costing you?  How many potential patients don’t even know you exist and can help them because of the online sea of noise? How many of your events or seminars are half empty because people don’t know they should come?  Can potential patients understand why they need you?  A lack of marketing clarity, or plain lack of marketing may already be costing you a great deal.

We know it’s frustrating to worry if you’re spending your marketing dollars  the right way. Don’t take our word for it… See our dental practice case study!

Dental Practice Case Study

Julington Dental Website by BCP Digital Marketing


increase in website visits
Increase keywords on Google page #1

Based in Jacksonville we are one of the leading healthcare marketing agencies providing more than just pretty websites.

dental digital marketing
Jason S. D.M.D.
Julington Dental

“After searching through the many website-marketing-services, and being disappointed with a large, speciality company, I came across BCP Digital Marketing. Not only were their fees less than their competitors, but their service was more efficient and tailored than I had previously experienced. In addition, BCP Digital Marketing has always been available for tutorials and help when such has been needed.

I highly recommend BCP Digital Marketing and would urge anyone in the market to give them a try.”


It’s Time To Get Your Practice Growing!

1. Schedule a Meeting

Meet with Gina so she can get to your you, your business and help define where you want to go.

2. Create A Plan

Together we'll create a specific plan for you and agree on which tier of our Patient Ignite System will work best to accomplish your goals.

3. Get Results

Succeed stress-free in your competitive local market.

At BCP Digital Marketing we know you are the kind of person who wants to stand out in your field.  In order to do that, you need dental marketing agency that works and respects your bottom line.  You need a dental marketing company working for your goals.

The problem doing your own marketing is that it can be confusing, which makes you frustrated and question if online marketing can actually hurt your business.

We believe it’s just plain wrong to leave you floundering and wasting money.  That’s why we created the Patient Igniter System.Our proprietary Patient Igniter System is a system developed dental and medical practices who want serious patient acquisition and focuses on your bottom line.

We’ve have years of experience, spent copious amounts of money and seen what works and what’s just fluff that wastes money. This system saves you from wasting money on things that just don’t work for dental and medical practices and focuses only on the things that actually work.

How it works:  We schedule a call & talk with you about your business, your goals and your current marketing situation.  Then we’ll determine which tier of our dental marketing system will work best for you.  Then we get started….You get results.

Schedule your call now so you can stop wasting your marketing dollars and start growing your practice.

Have Questions About Our Digital Marketing Services?

If you feel that you could use more patients but still rely on traditional methods, then it’s time to embrace digital marketing for your dental practice.

Traditional marketing methods such as radio, television, and print can help increase awareness about your practice within the community. But you’re paying good money to reach thousands of people when only a very of them are actually looking for a dentist.

Basically, you’re paying for increasing brand awareness (not necessarily a bad thing) instead of getting new patients.

Right now, there are people in your local area who are thinking of getting a teeth whitening or straightening service. Or maybe, there are a few individuals who are planning to get permanent implants. Perhaps, some folks want to put a stop to their occasional toothaches. These potential patients are researching the web for answers to their concerns. However, consulting with a dentist is not on their minds yet.

With dental marketing, you can target these potential patients and nudge them into setting up an appointment with your dental office.

Our program is meant to run with very little time commitment on your behalf. From time to time, depending on the level of your marketing package, we will ask for updated email lists, authorization to send out newsletters and an initial questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to fill out.  You will have to spend some time with us initially, getting us access to things like your analytics and website.  Going forward, you will just need to set aside around 30 minutes a month to go over the progress reports we've sent and ask any questions you have or concerns that you might be feeling.

Are you already on the first page of Google?  If not, then you will probably see your rankings raise higher 🙂

We understand that not everyone was born with a computer, tablet or phone in their hand.  If you have problems or questions, we're here to help you via an email, a phone call, a Skype session or even a short video.

Yes, there might be cheaper options out there.  These options are usually people just starting out who have no earthly clue on what really works.

We've have years of experience, spent copious amounts of money and seen what works and what's just fluff that wastes money.  By doing this we've developed our proprietary Patient Igniter System, a system geared for serious patient acquisition and focuses on your bottom line.  This system saves you from wasting money on things that just don't work for dental practices and focuses on the things that actually work.

We create an online success system for your practice. Even when updating your website or focusing on Search Engine Optimization, we look at the whole picture and how it’s going to best benefit you. From timelines to project deliverables, we outline the entire project at the beginning.

We also promise to never sell to you. Instead, we only strategize what your business actually needs for tangible results. Plus, we are always available to you. We pick up the phone when you call, answer your emails on the same day you press send, and we keep you organized and accountable.

YES!  We can help you create a website that not only looks stunning, but is designed to attract leads for your practice.  All websites that we create are owned by YOU.  We only retain rights to showcase your awesomeness in our portfolio and marketing materials.

If you choose to have us design or redesign your website, be assured each one of our websites is created for YOUR business individually. Your website will be unique and we can make changes to just about any part of your site's design.

Reviews matter. Potential patients need plenty of reassurance before they put their trust in you, and (believe it or not) search engines like Google care, not only about your rating but what patients are saying about you. You need a steady flow of new, positive reviews to let everyone know that you are continually providing the highest quality service to your patients. The more positive reviews you have online, the easier it is for potential patients to trust you and your practice.

Digital marketing isn’t a one-time thing and isn't something that can be done overnight. It is in-it-for-the-long-haul marketing.

“Results” are, of course, relative to your goals.  BCP clients typically see results of some kind in the first few weeks their marketing campaigns go live. This does not mean we’ve doubled their practice overnight, but new patients are starting to find them through their online ads and their website. Some elements of your internet marketing will take longer to see an impact, such as SEO, but have longer lasting results.  It usually takes about four to twelve months before you start to see meaningful results.

Marketing efforts take time and expertise.  BCP uses best practices to focus on long-term strategies rather than quick fixes.

Any SEO or digital marketing agency that is promising quick fixes and faster results is likely making promises they can’t keep or employing black-hat SEO tactics that could result in your site being penalized by search engines.

Our proprietary Patient Igniter System is a system developed dental and medical practices who want serious patient acquisition and focuses on your bottom line.

We've have years of experience, spent copious amounts of money and seen what works and what's just fluff that wastes money.  This system saves you from wasting money on things that just don't work for dental and medical practices and focuses only on the things that actually work.



It depends on which tier of our marketing program fits your business the best. Currently our programs range in price from $500-$5000 per month.

Not at all! All contracts and services agreements are on a month to month plan. There are no hidden fees for cancelling – ever. We are happy to report that we have never had a client terminate their services or switch to another provider since we’ve started.

We do limit how many practices we will market for in cities, but it depends on the size of the city and the specific needs of the practice. For instance, if one customer wants us to market primarily cosmetic dentistry we will take on another customer who primary targets orthodontic markets.   We will never take on clients that compete directly.   Unethical and just all around bad form.  Not going to happen!

Results are relative to your goals. For one practice, 10 more new patients per month might cause them to be overwhelmed, where another practice might view that growth as ‘just a start’. On average, our clients experience a 47% increase in new patients within their first 12 months with us. Obviously, it’s easier to go from 10 to 16 new patients per month than it is to go from 100 to 160 new patients per month. This metric is just an average. The point is that our strategies work, and we consistently see a sizeable lift in new patient numbers for our clients.

Have More Questions?

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