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BCP Digital Marketing is now part of the BigCommerce family

We’re  very  excited  to  announce  that  we’ve  officially  joined  forces  with  Bigcommerce: to  offer  you  the  best  e-­commerce  experience  available.  As  part  of the  Bigcommerce  Partner  Program,  we’ll  now  be  building  retail  sites  on  the  fastest­growing e-­commerce  platform  in  the  world.

Why  did  we  partner  with  Bigcommerce?  They  make  it  easy  for  us  to  build  beautiful,  effective e-­commerce  sites  that  are  optimized  for  SEO.  And  their  built-­in  tools  make  it  easy  for  you  to  manage and  market  your  store  once  it’s  built.

We’ll  also  have  more  opportunities  to  showcase  our  clients’  sites  across  the  Bigcommerce  network. And  speaking  of  our  work,  have  you  seen  some  of  our  latest  designs?  Check  these  out:

Jacksonville Big Commerce designer Jacksonville web designJacksonville e-commerce design

We  couldn’t  be  more  excited  to  partner  with  Bigcommerce!  We  expect  a  long,  happy  relationship together.

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Gina is the Founder and CEO of BCP Digital Marketing. She has partnered with dozens businesses over the years and assisted in building world-class brands, stellar reputations, and online lead generation systems. She created BCP Digital Marketing to be the go-to solution for creating you a digital strategy that will get you more online visitors, reel them in, and convert clickers to customers.
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