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Awesome Web Design Trends

By July 21, 2014April 23rd, 2015web design

mixmatch_05Keeping up with awesome web design trends is kind of like herding cats. As soon as you think you know what’s “in” something else cool and new comes along. Using outdated styles, layouts and features not only makes you lose your “street cred” but it can cost you business from customers who think that if you put no effort into your website you won’t put any effort into maintaining them as a customer.  While that may or may not be true, it’s how you are perceived.

So we’ve taken the hard part of keeping up with trends and we’ve seen some trends come along this past year that we really hope stay around for a while.

Mix & Match Typography

To make the best user experience, the use of mix and match typography has become increasingly popular. Selecting the right typography is key to giving the user the feel or emotion you are trying to convey. Retro fonts are also rising in popularity.






Fixed Header Bars

Fixed or “sticky” navigation bars are also becoming a big trend that we are seeing. It allows the user to always have access to a website’s navigation making it quicker and easier to get where they need to be.   That’s great right? Well it is, but remember it takes up real estate on your website.




Single Page Sites

Traditionally, most websites have had several pages that users could reach from one main page. However, the trend is starting to show us more and more single page sites… websites that consist of on main, long page. Single page websites are gaining popularity due to mobile phones where navigating multiple pages is more of a hassle.


 Large Photo Backgrounds

Usually displayed with text over them, full size, large photos are becoming the rage. It can give a website a unique look without much fuss.




Video Backgrounds

This is something we’ve been seeing more of. Honestly, I’m not a big fan, but that’s just me. Video background does have a place and it seems lots of people love seeing these backgrounds.




Responsive Design

Responsive design is hot right now! I would have thought that this one was a no-brainer. But apparently not everyone has jumped on the responsive design train yet. We’ve actually have a post that helps show why you should go with a responsive site instead of a separate mobile site.




So that’s what we’ve been seeing lately. What have you been seeing? What are your favorite new trends?

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